Serbia Zijin Copper is committed to building a safety culture to achieve a zero incident in the working environment. The safety of our people is a priority that can never be compromised and we believe that accidents at work can be prevented.

The Company implements various programs, including safety training programs, risk assessment processes and continuous safety improvement. We have excellent communication channels to quickly inform our employees about the latest safety procedures.


We put emphasis on the responsibility that every employee has for their own safety. We work to build a culture of risk reduction awareness and the reduction of active hazards in the production process. Serbia Zijin Copper urges employees to stop work immediately if they think it is not safe. A special incentive system has been introduced for the safe work.

Safety Policy

In Serbia Zijin Copper, we integrate safety issues into all aspects of planning, production and processes. We identify and assess the potential risk associated with every production and record procedures in order to reduce risk. The Company investigates every incident related to health and safety and implements measures to prevent recurrence. We set the goals and allocate funds to continuously improve safety performances.


Serbia Zijin Copper performs a regular and random safety inspection, including the quarterly inspections of the Company, monthly inspection of mines and facilities, weekly inspection of branches, daily inspection of teams, as well as the relevant random inspection. Problems are solved as soon as possible.

Safety Training

We work to train all production-related employees to become aware of their specific safety responsibilities. Newly employeed workers have forty hours of security training in three levels. Safety training is conducted on a regular basis, including on-site safety training.

The Company believes that jobs in the field of safety do not have a destination, but that they rather are the journey.Safety operations are based on the concept of „life comes first,“ and modern facilities and equipment have been installed to enhance the immediate working environment. As of August 2023, the accident rate per million working hours was 0.44.

Risk Management

In Serbia Zijin Copper, we put special emphasis on preventing danger. Work on the open pit mine is not commenced until all mining units have passed the technical safety check. The safety protocol for blasting is rigorously applied to prevent the danger of collapsing. An efficient flood control system was established to prevent water from entering industrial areas. The use of hot and chemical materials is supervised and double-checked, and we also regularly assess the safety when placing these materials into storage.

Emergency Response

Serbia Zijin Copper has an emergency team, emergency response plans and various emergency devices and equipment that are continuously upgraded. Every June, a month of safe production is held when fire drills are performed.

Fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic

Facing a pandemic, the Company has achieved a great effect by adopting and implementing measures of scientific prevention and control, as well as self-discipline and self-protection of all employees. The incidence rate in the Company was below 0.9 percent, which is far below the social average and means that good results have been achieved in epidemic prevention.

In order to help Serbia in the fight against the pandemic, the company, together with Serbia Zijin Mining, donated medical equipment and protective material, as well as a virus testing laboratory called „Fiery Eye“ in Niš to relevant Republic institutions. The total value of this donation reached almost USD 1 million.

Two companies within the Zijin Mining Group donated masks, protective clothing, goggles, gloves and other supplies to Serbia to prevent the epidemic.

Serbian Minister of Finance and Coordinator of the Government of Serbia of the mechanism for cooperation „17 + 1“ between China and Central and Eastern European countries Siniša Mali sent a letter of gratitude to Zijin Mining Group Company Limited operating in Serbia – Serbia Zijin Copper Doo and Serbia Zijin Mining Doo, because of their strong support for Serbia in the fight against the pandemic.

Your generous donation not only contributed to our campaign to protect the public health of the people of the Republic of Serbia, but also greatly strengthened the iron friendship between our two countries and their people, said a letter of thanks to the Company signed by Serbian Minister of  Finance Siniša Mali.