Serbia Zijin Copper Branch TIR

The Copper Smelter and Refinery have the function of further processing of ore, i.e., the concentrate delivered by RBB and RBM, so that all ore resources, after the flotation process, are transported to the TIR facilities, where the additional processes lead to the final product.

Since 2015, the Smelter and Refinery have the the most modern facilities for smelting the copper concentrate and producing the sulfuric acid. The facilities are designed to achieve maximum safe working and  production conditions, thus their effect is primarily ecological. At the same time, they represent significant technological and economic improvements, which makes the costs of processing the copper concentrate competitive and comparable to other metallurgical facilities in the world.

Upon completion of the Technical Reconstruction, Expansion, and Construction of Metallurgical Facilities Project, the smelter will be capable of producing 180 thousand tons of cathode copper annually.

The facilities have the following characteristics:

  • The annual processing capacity of copper concentrate is 400,000 tons
  • The continuous processing of the concentrate whose quality is min. 20% copper
  • The copper recovery is 98.5% and sulfur recovery is 98%

The Copper Smelter and Refinery Bor consists of:

  • Smelter
  • Tank House
  • Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • Transport Department
  • Power Plant
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We belong to the great Zijin family engaged in mining and metallurgy
since 1993.