Serbia Zijin Copper Branch RBB

As part of the business operations of Copper Mines Bor, there are two copper mines with the open pit exploitation (deposits “Veliki Krivelj” and “Cerovo”), one with the underground exploitation (mine “Jama”), two factories for mineral raw materials preparation (Flotation Factories in Krivelj and Bor), one non-metals mine (open pit and Lime Factory in Zagrađe) and the Exploration Works Factory.

It consists of the following units:

  • Copper Mine Veliki Krivelj
  • Flotation Factory Veliki Krivelj
  • Copper Mine Jama
  • Flotation Factory Bor
  • Jama – Borska Reka
  • Copper Mine Cerovo
  • Krivelj Quarry Factory
  • Lime Factory Zagrađe
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We belong to the great Zijin family engaged in mining and metallurgy
since 1993.