Serbia Zijin Copper RBB Branch Bor

Two copper mines with open pit excavation (deposits of “Veliki Krivelj” and “Cerovo”), one mine with underground excavation (the “Jama” mine), two mineral processing plants (Concentrators in Veliki Krivelj and Bor), one non-metals’ mine (open pit and Lime Plant in Zagrađe) and Exploration Works… (more)

Serbia Zijin Copper TIR Branch Bor

The Copper Smelter and and Refinery have the function of further processing of ore, that is, the concentrate delivered by RBB and RBM, so that all ore resources, after flotation, are transported to the TIR plant, where by means of additional processes we come to the final product… (more)

Serbia Zijin Copper RBM Branch Majdanpek

The copper mine Majdanpek deals with the excavation and flotation processing of ore in the municipality of Majdanpek. It is composed of open pit mines “South mine” and “North mine” and one mineral processing plant  (the Concentrator), where the ore is processed and then transported to Bor… (more)

Serbia Zijin Copper DOO

ZiJin Bor Copper

Serbia Zijin Copper DOO is the company operating in the Zijin Mining Group.

It was founded on December 18th, 2018, on the day when Zijin signed the closing documents with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, i.e., the Contract on taking over  63% of the ownership in RTB Bor. In that way, Zijin became the holder of 63 % of the share in the capital of the Company from Serbia. Zijin’s first Company in Serbia, and in the Balkans, is called Serbia Zijin Copper DOO and is the only producer of copper and precious metals (gold and silver) in Serbia. All products are  the stock exchange products and the quality, demand, sales prices and trading terms are regulated by the rules prescribed by the world’s non-ferrous metal stock exchanges.

Serbia Zijin Copper DOO deals with the research and exploitation of copper ore, whose processing produces high-quality cathode copper and precious metals in the smelter.


Production program

Our main activity is the exploitation and processing of copper ore, production of cathode copper, gold, silver, sulfuric acid, copper II sulphate – pentahidrate, selenium, platinum and palladium.


Katodni bakar
Srebro i zlato - granule
Platina i paladijum
Sulfuric acid



Social Responsibility

In Serbia Zijin Copper, we are committed to the responsible management of our mines. Our priority is to maintain harmonious relations with the local community, while reducing the impact on the environment. By supporting our commitment to responsibility, we protect our license to operate so that we can continue to create wealth for our employees…


Health & Safety

Serbia Zijin Copper is committed to building a safety culture to achieve a zero incident in the working environment. The safety of our people is a priority that can never be compromised and we believe that accidents at work can be prevented…



Serbia Zijin Copper is committed to reducing the unfavorable environmental impact in order to preserve the valuable resources and keep the work permit. Through innovative technology and education, we save the energy and protect the environment. We invest in research and development of various technologies and apply standardized management procedures…



A quarter of the total exports in Serbia during the first half of the year were realized by two Chinese companies

Zijin took the first place on the list of exporters Serbia Zijin Copper, with exports worth 356.7m euros and owner of Smederevo Ironworks – HBIS Group, with exports of 269.6m euros, ranks first on the list of 15 largest exporters in Serbia in the first half of the year, the Ministry of finance announced SZC. […]

In Serbia Zijin Copper over 1,500 new employees in two and a half years

Salaries are regular and 54 percent higher than the Serbian average Today, the Company has 5,715 employees, and 97 % of that number are Serbian citizens. Their net average salary in the first half of this year was worth RSD 98,774 , i.e. 7.8 percent more than last year and 19.3 percent more than in […]

Minister of Economy Anđelka Atanasković visits the Company Serbia Zijin Copper

„Zijin achieves excellent results, better than the ones they committed to in the Agreement“ Today, the company Serbia Zijin Copper has over 5,700 employees who earn an average of RSD 98,700 per month, which is extraordinary because it is 50 percent more than the national average. Bor used to be the sixth exporter of copper […]

Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd


REVENUE IN 2020 (in billions USD)