Sebia Zijin Copper DOO is the company operating in the Zijin Mining Group.

It was founded on December 18th, 2018, on the day when Zijin signed the closing documents with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, i.e., the Contract on taking over  63% of the ownership in RTB Bor. In that way, Zijin became the holder of 63 % of the share in the capital of the Company from Serbia. Zijin’s first Company in Serbia, and in the Balkans, is called Serbia Zijin Copper DOO and is the only producer of copper and precious metals (gold and silver) in Serbia. All products are  the stock exchange products and the quality, demand, sales prices and trading terms are regulated by the rules prescribed by the world’s non-ferrous metal stock exchanges.

Serbia Zijin Copper DOO deals with the research and exploitation of copper ore, whose processing produces high-quality cathode copper and precious metals in the smelter.

The Company owns four copper mines (“Veliki Krivelj”, “Novo Cerovo”, “Jama” and Copper Mine Majdanpek), the Limestone Mine and the Smelter.

Because it is one of the largest companies in Serbia, which is a pillar of development of Bor and Majdanpek, the Company is recognized as a serious legal entity, with promising capabilities and the responsibility to contribute to strengthening the iron friendship between China and Serbia and as such symbolizes the wonderful friendship between the people of two countries that share good and bad and help each other.

Since the moment Zijin took over the management role, and until the end of August 2023, Serbia Zijin Copper has paid $421 million in various taxes and fees and has made a cumulative contribution to the Serbian community of $787 million. Consequently, the company ranks among the entrepreneurs with the highest tax and fee payments. In addition, Serbia Zijin Copper collaborates with over 1,500 local suppliers, with the cumulative value of material procurement reaching $1.728 billion, indirectly creating over 8,000 jobs.

The company, as a joint investment of Zijin Mining Group and the Republic of Serbia, will cooperate with all stakeholders to ensure a healthy and quality way of doing business within the legal framework, and complete all technical upgrade and expansion projects.


We belong to the great Zijin family engaged in mining and metallurgy

since 1993.

REVENUE IN 2021 (in billions USD)