Milikić: Strong friendly ties between two distant cities

The twinning initiative has been in motion since 2019, but the conditions have now been met to realise connections in the fields of economy, science, technological development and culture, said the mayor of Bor. – Serbian-Chinese friendship will be even stronger after connecting Bor and Longyan, said Jian Hongkun

BOR. – On November 15, a letter of intent to establish twinning with Longyan, a city from the Chinese province of Fujian, was signed in the city hall in Bor. The Mayor of Bor, Aleksandar Milikić, and the leaders of the local self-government hosted the delegation from China, while the signing ceremony of the agreement on economic and cultural cooperation between the two friendly cities was also attended by representatives of the Zijin Mining Group and both its subsidiaries seated in Bor. On this occasion, Mayor Aleksandar Milikić stated that the twinning initiative has been in motion since 2019, but that the conditions have now been met to achieve connection in the fields of economy, science, technological development and culture. He emphasised that the Zijin Company, which has been operating in Bor for the last five years, contributed to the creation of unbreakable friendly ties between the two distant cities.

– By signing the letter of intent to establish twinning between Bor and the Chinese city of Longyan, we continue our good cooperation with the People’s Republic of China. Bor today has friends both in the East and in the West, all over the world. The common interest of the citizens of Bor is the coexistence of all the nations that live here, and by nurturing the spirit of a multinational and multicultural community, we respect each other. Diversity is our advantage to progress as a society. With the cooperation agreement with the Chinese city of Fujian Province, we get the opportunity to learn from each other and care for joint economic prosperity. The successful operation of the Chinese company Zijin resulted in the economic development of our country and an increase in GDP. An indicator of this is the growth of the financial budget in Bor, which before their arrival in 2018 amounted to RSD 2.7 billion. This year’s budget is RSD 7.8 billion, which obliges us to implement large infrastructure designs and develop the city of Bor. Our city received the status of an economic giant in Serbia, because a socially responsible Chinese corporation operates in it, which raised the standard of living of the citizens of Bor and solved historically inherited ecological problems – Milikić said.

Longyan Deputy Mayor Jian Hongkun thanked for the hospitality and shared his impressions of the first visit to the mining town.

– I am glad that we are meeting in your beautiful city and I thank you for the nicest words about the Serbian-Chinese steel friendship, which will be even stronger after the connection of Bor and Longyan. In the future, we will develop our mutual cooperation in the fields of industry, infrastructure, science and technological development, as well as cultural exchange. In China, there is a saying that it is good luck when friends come to your house, so we expect you to return a visit soon – Jian Hongkun said.

After the ceremonial reception in the city administration premises and the signing ceremony, the delegation from Fujian visited the “Veliki Krivelj” mine.