Serbia Zijin Copper in the company of the most successful firms

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce awarded annual recognition awards to the most successful companies and business leaders, that rose to prominence in 2022 with their results, work and commitment. – The Deputy Director Zou Gang received the plaque on behalf of the Company, reminding that during the four-year partnership, Serbia Zijin Copper invested 1.675 billion US dollars in the technical renovation and expansion of four mines and the smelter in Bor, as well as in numerous safety and environmental protection projects. – the SCC conveyed that the chief “focal points” are the digitalization of the “traditional” economy and connection with the IT sector, the green transition, but also the creation of conditions for Serbian companies to be in global supply chains.

BELGRADE. –The Serbian Chamber of Commerce organized (on December 10) a ceremony at which traditional annual recognition awards were awarded to the most successful companies and individuals in 2022. Business successes in the soon-ending year were summarized, and 17 business leaders and 21 companies rose to prominence for their results, work and engagement.

Serbia Zijin Copper found itself in this exclusive group of companies, and on behalf of the Company, the award for “Business Success in 2022” was received by the Deputy Director Zou Gang. Having received the annual recognition award, he stated that the Company invested 1.675 billion US dollars in the technical renovation and expansion of four mines and the smelter in Bor, as well as in numerous safety and environmental protection projects, during the four-year partnership. He added that in just nine months of this year, Serbia Zijin Copper invested 563 million dollars in various projects.

– The future of mining lies in investments, opening new mines and thus new jobs, increased productivity, greater social security and better working conditions. Thanks to miners, metallurgists, flotation operators and other professions, the Company achieves progress every day, and with it the entire Serbian economy. That is why I believe that, in addition to constant investments, the employees have contributed the most to the Company’s business success. By investing in ecology and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, as well as in social responsibility, we continue to build a modern, green and sustainable mining Company with first-class economic and social advantages. We are accelerating work on the introduction of new technological processes and new equipment to build a modern mining Company with low carbon emissions – said Gang.

Recognition awards for business success were also awarded to the companies Chips Way Čačak, Doo za upravljanje slobodnom zonom Subotica, EBM Papst Sombor, Fush Beograd, Gomex Zrenjanin, IGB Automotive Comp Inđija, Livnica Kikinda automobilska industrija, Mlekara Pančevo, Mlekara Eko – Mlek Kaonik Kruševac and Nestle Adriatic Beograd and others that ended this turbulent year with excellent business results, increasing the number of employees and, most importantly, behaved responsibly towards the social community.

The business leaders were led by the President of the Company FMP Agromehanika from Boljevac, Ljubinko Gobeljić, who said on behalf of all the winners that the business year was full of challenges and uncertainties, but that they managed to respond to all problems and achieve a good business result.

– What I can promise is that even in the more challenging years that await us, we will be with our farmers in order to achieve even better results together – said the President of the largest agricultural machinery factory in Southeast Europe.

At the 4th ceremonial assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, it was announced by the President Marko Čadeža that in the coming period they will adapt their services to the needs and demands of the economy in these uncertain and challenging times, and that the main “focal points” are on the digitization of the “traditional” economy and connecting it with the IT sector, green transition, but also creating conditions for Serbian companies to be in global supply chains.

– The main goal of changing this organization is to serve the economy. What the economy needs is something that changes from month to month, from year to year, and therefore we have to be ready to respond to all your requests, to recommend some things that could help you and improve your business. Everything is a matter of purpose both on a personal and business level. We will focus on the problems of companies and be of essential support in finding solutions – Čadež said.


He underlined once again that business challenges also bring certain opportunities that Serbia and the region can use for new investments, especially now that large Asian players, such as manufacturers of batteries for electric cars, are investing in Europe, in order to ensure their share in the most attractive global market.